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For all MINTAs international custemors - stay beautiful across the world

Based in Denmark, we at MINTA want to be your preferred choice of supplier of nail lacquer and nail accessories, delivering directly home to you regardless of which country in Europe you live in. Day-to-day, MINTA is run by me, Lea, and with my experience and knowledge within the field of cosmetics and nail lacquer as a nail technician, I will personally make sure that you can stay beautiful at all times - anywhere in the world.


We are aware that our site is currently in Danish solely, but we are always ready to support you through the chat which you can find in the corner down right. We have a short response time on our live customer service, and to make it less complicated for you, you can find the shipping prices at the bottom of this page.

The experience you deserve

We love nail lacquer and we love you, and that is why all of our product are specifically chosen by me in order for you to be and express the person you desire. Shirts, jeans, and shoes all define you as a person - and nail lacquer does the same. Do not settle with inferior nail lacquer, because you should allow yourself to be the person you want to be. When you feel comfortable with what you are wearing, you are able to do anything you want. I will personally take care of your order and answer all questions myself. With MINTA, you are connecting to people.


When founded, we desired to create a business that would not only provide a great product, but also a great costumer treatment. Naturally, the product is the most important part of any business, but to complete the experience for the customer, the product had to be accompanied by smiles, a warm welcome and a good handshake. Satisfaction does not only come from great materials, but the entire process of approaching with the first inquiry, finding the right product, and sealing the deal. For us, a decent experience does not suffice - we seek to give everything in order for you to stay happy in every aspect of the purchase. We call it the MINTA experience.

Be comfortable wherever you are

Despite you being on the other side of the world, I will make sure that you feel comfortable at all times. I will personally take care of all of your questions and inquiries, because you deserve to be talking to people and not computers. When purchasing, I will leave a note with relevant information about your newly acquired item along with a personal greeting. For us, you are the most important part of our business.


Starting a business can be risky if you are not determined and confident with the product and the service you provide, However, due to the passion and the amount of dedicated work we all put put into our services at MINTA, we have grown and established ourselves as the number one provider of nail lacquer and nail accessories on the Danish market. We made it here, so now we want to go international - and we are bringing the personal experience that you deserve with us.

Authorized nail technician at your service

If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us. As a long-time nail technician, I know everything about all of our products, and I will guide you through our selection of nail lacquer and nail accessories in your endeavour of finding the perfect match specifically for you. Ask all you want, and most importantly; do not hesitate the slightest - we are here because of you.



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